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Via NBC News By Maggie Fox

People who don't get enough sleep may pack on the pounds because they've got the munchies — the same munchies that pot smokers say they get, researchers said Monday.

An experiment aimed at explaining why people overeat after a poor night's sleep suggests that food becomes much more appealing, and that the brain's own marijuana-like chemicals are responsible.

"We know that when people use marijuana, they overeat. And they tend to eat things that are yummy and rewarding," said Erin Hanlon, a research associate in endocrinology at the University of Chicago who helped lead the study.

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By Brianna Wiest

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I'm sharing this because it's not great, it's exceptional!

Every generation has a “monoculture” of sorts, a governing pattern or system of beliefs that people unconsciously accept as “truth.”

It’s easy to identify the monoculture of Germany in the 1930s, or America in 1776. It’s clear what people at those times, in those places, accepted to be “good” and “true” even when in reality, that was certainly not always the case.

The objectivity required to see the effects of present monoculture is very difficult to maintain (once you have so deeply accepted an idea as ‘truth’ it doesn’t register as ‘cultural’ or ‘subjective’ anymore) … but it’s crucial.

By afitnesslifestyle, Jan 17 2016 07:24PM

For five years I woke up and went to the same job, every day. Even though I was making good money and I got good bonuses every year, the thought of doing that for the rest of my life filled me with a sense of dread. I would try and work overtime, try and do more to get ahead, but there was always something. I wasn’t getting ahead, I knew I was going to cap out at my job and never make the kind of money that would bring me and my family security.

By afitnesslifestyle, Dec 1 2015 05:18PM

As December starts today, I am blown away by all the amazing things that have happened to me and my family this last year. What comes to mind when you think about events in your life this last year? Here is what pops in to my mind:

- I’ve spent real, quality time with my family.

- I spent an entire week with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in a beautiful place.

- I’ve helped a ton of people begin their fitness journey and get healthier, in turn, truly changing their lives.

- I’ve gotten up every day with purpose.

What is your purpose? Something that always sticks in the back of my mind is this idea that I’m supposed to get up early 5 days a week, leave my family for 8-10 hours, sit in traffic, come home irritated, make dinner, go to bed and do it all over again until I’m 65 (if I’m lucky to ‘retire’ on time) and then live on a fixed income with the limited 401k I’ve been able to save for the last 35 years.

Writing that out, it sounds really shitty. Flat out, I don’t want to do it and I’ve decided I won’t. I have DECIDED! Not like I’m going to try… I’m going to see what happens… I’ve DECIDED I won’t do it!

I get up every day with purpose – to make the lives of others and myself better. Because if you aren’t making someone else’s life better, you are wasting your time. When I look back on my year, I know I haven’t wasted my time.

I’m not any more special than anyone else – you can do this too. If you think you are ready to DECIDE that your life can, should, and will be better – email me right now and I’ll stop what I’m doing to talk to you.


By afitnesslifestyle, Mar 5 2015 09:01PM

by Scott

Think less, do more

For guys with a lot of responsibilities — and stress — this is exactly how it ought to be.

When you’re 19 years old, you may have the time to read, research, and come up with all sorts of crazy exercise and nutrition plans. (Although a good coach would still do better).

But in your 30s, you start shifting your focus to being a good partner, doing your best as a parent, giving your all at work, keeping up your home, and making sure your bills are paid … well, there goes your time and mental energy.

Do you really need more shit to figure out? Probably not.

That’s why it’s best, when it comes to fitness, to find someone who can do the thinking and planning for you. Who can make it easy and allow you to focus on one thing: doing.

According to our most successful clients, it’s this very thing that made all the difference.

By trusting our coaching process, and simply doing as we said, they were able to get into the best shape of their lives without stressing and agonizing over every step.

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